Used Sales

A range of second-hand commercial equipment is available for purchase by either commercial or private buyers. All equipment is sold in full working condition and has been subjected to a thorough servicing from a F-E-S technician. Much of the equipment has also undergone a complete reconditioning with new parts, such as running belts, motors, displays and control boards being installed. We only sell equipment in a condition suitable to be installed directly into the commercial environment.

This equipment offers a cost-effective solution to obtaining commercial-grade fitness equipment suitable for all types of buyers from gyms and hotels to personal training studios or home users. The key benefit for home users is the opportunity to purchase high quality commercial grade equipment, offering improved reliability and a longer life span in comparison to domestic machines.

Please contact us to see what’s currently in-stock or drop into our showroom.

We offer a range of
cost-effective and tailor made
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