One of our primary services, already utilised by some of the leading gyms around South-East Queensland are Preventive Maintenance Agreements; these are open to both commercial and domestic customers. For reasons similar to why you have your car serviced, these servicing agreements possess numerous benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness – avoid pricey breakdown repairs stemming from neglect
  • Ensure your equipment runs as smoothly as possible and at its optimum level, avoiding “down time” due to breakdowns
  • Ensure the safety of your customers & satisfy your obligations under the Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995
  • Prolong the life of your equipment
  • Satisfy warranty claims.

Our servicing includes (where appropriate) :

  • Inspection and testing of product safety features/mechanisms
  • Inspection and adjusting/tensioning/aligning of drive, timing and running belts
  • Inspection of cables, belts, pulleys and bearings
  • Cleaning and lubricating chains, bushes and guide rods
  • Checking and logging mileage, amp draw and diagnostics/error codes
  • Checking auto-lube wax levels and motor brushes
  • Adjusting/tightening loose hardware, cables and belts
  • Performing full functional tests and conducting appropriate repairs
  • Thoroughly wiping down equipment, including dust prevention to motor and control boards
  • Diagnosing and quoting parts requiring replacement or further repair.

We offer a range of
cost-effective and tailor made
solutions to ensure your gym is
performing at its optimum level.