Q: Do you repair/service all brands/types of gym equipment?
A: Yes, with some of our technicians possessing over 16 years’ experience in fitness repairs, we have a wealth of experience dealing with most brands and machines.

Q: What qualifications do your technicians have?

A: All our technicians hold electrical licenses. They are also all vastly experienced in diagnosing and repairing gym equipment, ensuring repairs are conducted in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Q: Where do you conduct the servicing or repair work?
A: We offer on-site servicing and repairs throughout South-East Queensland. We also take receipt of machines in our workshop should customers wish to avoid call-out fees.

Q: What is a PMA’s?
A: PMA (Preventive Maintenance Agreement) is a popular F-E-S service, utilised by several large gyms throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland as well a number of private customers. Much like a regular car service, regular maintenance of your gym equipment can help to avoid pricey breakdown repairs and machine “down time”, ensure the safety of yourself or your customers, prolong the life of your equipment, satisfy warranty claims and ensure equipment is running at its optimum level and retaining that “brand new” look and feel.